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Motorcycle Safety Training

Carroll has two motorcycle safety courses for beginners and experienced riders that are approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Our program offers instruction on MVA approved training motorcycles, very competitive prices and experienced/certified MVA instructors. Learn and practice:

  • Basic operation, riding skills and strategies
  • Risk and riding
  • Proper gear
  • Clutch-throttle control, stopping, turning, shifting and basic crash avoidance skills
  • Emphasis placed on decision-making and cornering skills
Drops and Refund Policy
To receive a refund or move/drop a class, students must withdraw from a motorcycle course no later than 7 full business days prior to the start of class. No refunds will be given if you cannot continue for personal reasons, have not met attendance and/or apparel requirements, or have been counseled out of the course for any reason.  If you have any questions about your upcoming class call 410-386-8100.

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Basic Rider Course (BRC): Motorcycle Safety and Licensure Review

Course #: TRA-044
This course is for the true novice rider who has little or no riding experience. It includes an online component, a classroom orientation, and riding instruction on the basic riding skills and strategies necessary to begin practicing street riding. No previous motorcycle riding experience is necessary. Program training motorcycles are provided. *Non-Maryland Residents see below.


BasicRider Course II– License Waiver (BRC II)

Course #: TRA-060
This course is for people who have recent and significant experience driving a motorcycle, but do not have a Class M Sticker from the MVA. The course includes an online e-course to be completed prior to the in-person session, non-riding activities, and approximately five hours of riding instruction. *Non-Maryland Residents see below.

You must have a specific level of skill to qualify for this course. Click here to review the eligibility requirements.

*Non-Maryland Residents can participate in motorcycle safety classes and will receive a Basic Rider Card upon successfully completing the course. Students planning to establish residency in Maryland should do that prior to taking the program or can begin the process on the portal at by selecting “Pre-Apply for a License, Permit, or ID”. Once the process is complete, they will be issued the necessary Maryland Identifier. Contact the MVA for more information at 410-768-7000.
Eligibility Requirements      Close
The License Waiver (BRC II) course moves at a faster pace with more critical evaluations. This one-session course is for riders with some experience who do not have a Class M (motorcycle) license.


The BRC II course has both a written exam and riding skills test. There is no study guide or workbook; only the lectures from the rider coaches.


Motorcycles are provided, but students also have the option of bringing their own motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle must be transported legally
  • Student must fill out liability waiver and bring license and proof of insurance, prior to class
  • All motorcycles will be inspected for safety by instructors


For more information, call 410-386-8100.


You must possess a valid driver’s license, a Class M (motorcycle) learner’s permit or be eligible for a learner’s permit.


Exercise 1 is a qualifying exercise to determine if you possess sufficient skill sets to continue. If you do not demonstrate basic proficiency, you will not be permitted to continue and will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, you will be directed to the Continuing Education and Training office to register and pay for a Basic Rider Course. The college does not guarantee space in the Basic Rider course.


You are eligible to register for BRC if you can demonstrate ability to:
  • Use the clutch and throttle to get the motorcycle in motion;
  • Stop the motorcycle properly in a designated area;
  • Execute gradual and tight turns;
  • Up and downshift smoothly; and
  • Achieve a speed of at least 25 mph


ProRider Advanced Motorcycle Skills Training

Course #: TRA-058
This motorcycle skills course includes the same training exercises used by police motorcycle officers and motorcycle rodeo competitors - riding techniques that will significantly improve your riding ability and riding confidence. Classes cover slow speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance and various braking challenges. Must have a valid motorcycle license or a class M endorsement on your Maryland driver’s license. Must also bring and use your own motorcycle.